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Everyone dealing with chronic Lyme Disease has a story to tell. The site serves as a platform for affected individuals to easily share a piece of their experience. 

My hope is that the website also serves to:

  • Allow Lyme patients to learn from others' journeys.

  • To raise awareness of:

    • The challenges associated with the diagnostic process.

    • What it's like to live with Lyme Disease.

    • The variety of treatment paths - and the lack of a single "cure." 

    • The fact that "Lyme Disease" often indicates past or chronic infection with multiple kinds of pathogens - The presence of these pathogens can affect the body in many ways - often leaving nervous sytem dysfunction, autoimmunity, and a long list of other long-term health issues.

    • The serious and complex nature of chronic infectious disease: In many cases, the experience is life-changing for patients and their loved ones. 

Together, our collective experience is a powerful statement about Lyme Disease. By continuing to share our perspectives, we increase awareness -an important stepping stone to change... At the very least, by sharing, we may change ourselves.